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Bladerider FX

The Bladerider FX is a strict one design and cheaper alternative to the popular carbon fibre Bladerider X8. Only weighing approximately 8kgs more than an X8 (fully rigged), the FX has a clean white gel-coat finish, durable fiberglass hull construction, and much simplier carbon fibre and aluminum components.

In addition the FX is priced extremely well and strong enough to get everyone foiling, however it is ideally suited as a one design junior/youth boat and any newcomers that want to get into foiling or Moth racing.

Once owners are familiar with their boat, we highly encourage experimentation of different wand gearing, wand stiffness, battens, foil angles, rake, rig tension, ropes or even vang purchase systems. However it is our intention that all FX owners use the supplied equipment (ie mast, boom, sail, stays, spreaders and foils) as to maintain their boat for one design racing within the Moth Class fleet.

The first deliveries of the production FX boats will commence in April 2009. Purchase orders can be placed with us on our Order Form or through your Reseller.

Specific Features

Hull Design: The FX has the same fast hull shape as the X8, ie 3.355m in overall length with a fine bow, straight rocker, flat bottom, square chines and low freeboard. Volume has been kept in the stern for a cleaner lift-off.

Hull Construction: Vacumn infused fiberglass foam sandwich hull with a white gel-coat finish and a aluminium wing cover track. The hull is built at aerospace AS9100 and ISO9001 standards, a first in the boat building industry. The cockpit grip is an agressive non-slip material, stuck on for easy replacement later on if necessary. Hull weight is around 19kg and around 40kg fully rigged, with foils. The FX also comes with a ISAF International Moth plaque enabling you to get your boat registered for Moth racing a lot sooner.

Wing Frame: The new carbon tube wing frame with moulded corners not only helps reduce the overall cost of the boat, but it also improves the durability and stiffness of the whole structure dramatically. The wing covers will be a similar style to the X8 and made from the same reliable Dacron material with internal air bags to help beginners with capsize recovery. In addition the unique self-tensioning design, allows for a very quick assembly out of the box.

Front Hydrofoil: Two piece, high-lift carbon fibre hydrofoil on a carbon fibre centerboard. Flaps on the main foil are controlled by the tapered fiberglass bow wand and stainless steel mechanisms, geared for immediate and responsive lift-off.

Rear Hydrofoil: The uniquely designed rear hydrofoil has a downward curve in the upper center of the foil that provides more lift over the transom, while the upward curve in the end tips reduces tip vortex.

The two piece carbon rudder assembly is fixed in place with a stainless steel pin in the carbon fiber rudder box. When the boat speed increases, the angle of attack/lift on the rudder foil can be increased manually to control the pitch of the boat, by simply rotating by the tiller extension.

Rudder Gantry: The supplied gantry will be made from anodised aluminium tubes. The expected weight will be very similar to the carbon gantry on the X8, but much stronger and stiffer.

Rig: A stiffer 50mm mast is supplied giving more power and better control of the head in the sail. The gooseneck of the boom has also been improved for better fitting and clearing of the downhaul pulleys.

Spreaders: The supplied spreaders/prodder will be made from anodised aluminium tubes. The expected weight will be very similar to the carbon spreaders on the X8 but far greater strength and reliability.

Sail: Comes with a one design 8.0m Bladerider sail (International Moth compliant) made from X-ply and Dacron. The sail material and finish has been dramaticall improved in 2008 to give a smoother sail shape and make it longer lasting.

Rope & Fittings: Complete Ronstan fitout including new Orbit mainsheet blocks along with FSE Robline ropes.

Foil Covers: The FX comes free with hydrofoil covers and plus for a limited time, free top cover, mast cover, boom cover and spreaders cover.

Trolley: The boat comes with an improved black anodised aluminium trolley for greater strength along with quick release elastic hooks.

Shipping Box: Base price includes a reusable shipping box (measuring 350x73x41cms), that fits everything (including covers and sailing gear) inside.

Freight: FREE SEA FREIGHT ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!!! (excludes road freight to final desitination)

Warranty: Comes complete with a two year warranty.

Unbeatable Price: US$11,495 (excludes taxes and import duties). The most affordable hydrofoil Moth ever made!

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